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A screenshot of the team from a Microsoft Teams meeting. Everyone is placed in a virtual chair resembling a chair in a lecture hall.
A screenshot of the team from a Microsoft Teams meeting. Everyone is placed in a virtual chair resembling a chair in a lecture hall.
Top Row: Derek Siew (VP, UX Design), Amy Mamtura (Product Design Manager), Janice de Jong (UX Research Lead), Christian Lisko (Sr. Product Designer); 2nd Row: Jenna Piunno (Product Designer), Jenny Lan (Sr. Product Designer), Harmoney Lee (Product Designer), Cathy Zhang (Product Designer); 3rd Row: Umar Ansari (Service Designer), Duda Rodrigues (Sr. Design Manager), Annie Cheng (Director, Product Design), Rebecca Judges (Sr. User Researcher); 4th Row: Cherry Vong (Product Designer), IHan Cheng (User Research Lead), Summer Zhang (Product Design Lead).

At CDL, we’re dedicated to radical collaboration across different expertise; it’s been shown that collaboration leads to increased engagement, morale, and efficacy at work. Today, we’d like to give props to a team that really embodies this part of our DNA.

In the past year, we’ve been building a team that leverages design strategically to differentiate our products and experiences. In the process, this team cultivated new approaches to design and innovation in product development. …

No wands, pixie dust, or spells required.

The photo is a group shot including some TDMs and a CDL Installer
The photo is a group shot including some TDMs and a CDL Installer
Clockwise, from left: Pamela Williams (Installer), Melissa Ebernhardt (TDM), Jocelyn Nolley (TDM), Michael Caesar (TDM), Saurabh Bhasin (TDM), Jesse Frantzich (TDM)

At CDL, we’re dedicated to breaking down silos and promoting transparency across teams. It’s been shown that understanding leads to appreciation, which is key to necessities such as productivity, morale, and engagement in the workplace.

Our teams are full of passionate high performers and people regularly send virtual shout-outs to thank each other for their hard work, and it’s great to see. …

Follow these rules to keep the monsters at bay.

A person with skeleton face paint in a hoodie in a dark library behind a laptop, with their finger in a “shh” position.
A person with skeleton face paint in a hoodie in a dark library behind a laptop, with their finger in a “shh” position.
Spooky scary skeletons indeed.

October is Cybersecurity Month, and as it draws to a close, we want to make sure that our readers are prepared to handle the spookiest cyber threats before they happen. Here is a quick breakdown of our best practices at Compass Digital Labs:

Keep Your Passwords Unique and Complex

If you’ve ever tried to win a costume contest, now is the time to channel that energy into creating your passwords. As the first line of defense against cyberattacks, it’s key that you make your password really, really difficult to crack — meaning it’s at least eight characters…

Our Compass Digital Ventures incubator program is calling all innovators.

Compass Digital Ventures Logo
Compass Digital Ventures Logo

“What impact could your solution have, if you had the world at your fingertips?”

That’s the question we want to ask startups looking to make a difference at the intersection of food, technology, and hospitality; our incubator program, Compass Digital Ventures, scales emerging solutions that live at that intersection to change the hospitality experience of tomorrow. With open access to Compass Group’s expertise and extensive network, the program enables growth-stage companies to test new possibilities in the food service environment.

In accelerating a solution’s timeline through real-world testing, “what ifs”…

Imagine you have been asked to fly to another country to understand — and report on — the challenges factory workers face when incorporating meals into their workdays at the manufacturing plant. What would you pack for this trip? Think for a little while.

When asked that question, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people said they would inquire about the length of stay, check the weather forecast, consider dress codes, or all of the above. While those aspects can help you plan for such a trip — like any other — a research trip requires planning beyond the essentials…

As a young boy growing up in upstate NY in an Italian family food was always at the center of everything. From the family garden to the livestock I was charged with maintaining; an adventurous appetite was formed. My father, a hunter, and fisherman, consistently came home with wild game and fresh fish of which we would pair with items we would forage from the woods such as wild ramps, fiddlehead ferns, and wild mushrooms.

Coming from a non-traditional family, I am fortunate to have had a second role model and father; My stepfather. He has had a very successful…

In my time working with the Compass Healthcare sector, I have learned a lot. I often find myself at the ever-interesting cross-section of technology and healthcare. I see myself saying that healthcare usually takes more “care and feeding” to get technology to take hold. But WHY? Why is it more difficult to move technology into this space? Let’s dig a little deeper….

In Healthcare, Compass Digital Labs works beyond the lines of the traditional retail space; Bring innovation to caregivers, operators, and even patients. Something as simple as wiring for a mobile project can be sent to a committee and…

Are you the one? (internship edition)
So how do you make sure to choose the right internship, especially when the competition is so fierce? The perfect internship is such a relative thing. I’ll go back to that tried-and-true saying (which I have conveniently adjusted for the needs of this post): one person’s nightmare job is another person’s perfect career. That being said, there are a few core pillars that I believe make up productive and fulfilling internships, which we at Compass Digital Labs always strive for.

Not your average intern — not your average internship.
Think of your internship as…

The Internet-of-Things, also known as IoT is an ever-increasing network of interconnected sensing devices, from wearables to vehicles — IoT has been used by businesses’ to help disrupt conventional processes and challenge the way data is collected, exchanged and analyzed.

Line-of-site into back-of-house kitchen operations has always been a challenge for large food-service companies, relying heavily on manual time-consuming processes that are predisposed to human error. Predominately the monitoring and recording of various temperatures within a kitchen to ensure safe quality food has been done by kitchen staff, taking them away from their core competencies. …

“What’s in it for me?” This might as well be the motto for the Millennials and Gen Z population. In 8 years, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. Taking that into account, businesses need to start re-designing the way they work. During our CXI Retail Innovation Competition in 2016 Compass Digital Labs discovered Nudge Rewards, a tool that gamifies the responsibilities of front-line employees. After partnering for a pilot in Compass Group Canada’s retail healthcare food service locations, the results were a definite win-win for the business and employee.

A nudge is a push notification to the…

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