Drafting Talent: Can Romo Be Like Mike?

How long will Tony Romo’s new professional path with CBS Sports last … who knows? Does he still yearn to put on the pads and chase that elusive Super Bowl dream one more time …probably. In any case, will he be any good at broadcasting…you better believe it.

Many former athletes have tried to make the seamless switch between playing the games they love and talking about those games for a paycheck. Aside from Michael Strahan, who has earned media Q-Rating numbers as eye-popping as his career sack stats, there aren’t many who immediately enjoy instant success in both professions.

Humor and personality can’t be perfected thru practice. And those who try too hard to force ‘’funny’’ or ‘’witty’’ or “dramatic” for the studio cameras (Cris Carter)…only seem weird funny on-air, not ha-ha clever funny. Romo will be will b fine. He’s articulate and has held onto the humble, personable, yeoman like roots he was raised with in rural Wisconsin. Plus, his hilarious DirecTV ads were the cat’s ass of celebrity commercials!

And Tony won’t be lonely. He’s among a fresh,vibrant, sometimes controversial crop of recently retired jocks who are already or will soon be seen and heard doing sports TV or radio. Among them: AJ Pierzynski, Nick Swisher, Kevin Garnett, Alex Rodriguez, as well as Ronda Rousey rumors.

But success depends on the right recipe of smarts, skill, personality and magic. Here are a few of the most promising crossover prospects that could be high on the proverbial media executive ‘“draft boards” in the years to come.

Best DB to Test TV?

Richard Sherman has come a long way since the Erin Andrews post-game playoff rant. Highly educated and full of hot takes. This vocal corner could be a cornerstone color-man or angst filled football analyst whenever he bids farewell to the gridiron.

This Stanford grad and Seahawks star has a high football IQ and an acumen to analyze, interpret and translate Xs’ and Os’ to captivate an audience. He’s already had success as a guest columnist doing digital and print journalism. He’s already got money and a SB ring. Love em or hate him — expect to hear a lot more from Richard Sherman in the future.

Seems like just yesterday J.J. Redick was dominating college basketball for Duke, Destroying D-1 records with deft shooting, and driving co-eds crazy with his boyish good looks. Fast forward 11 years, and it seems like not much has changed. J.J.’s still shooting Js (now for the Clippers)…he’s still scoring (15 ppg. this season)…and still breaking hearts, if not quite breaking records (happily married since 2010).

So there you have it: a Duke grad (yes, he stayed all 4 years!), with a wealth of hoops experience/knowledge, plus — he’s plenty man-pretty enough to break down game highlights on camera or do sideline interviews with coaches at halftime. Redick could still play for several years if he wants, but you can bet the network bidding wars to woo him will start even sooner. Did I mention he already hosts his own popular podcast in his spare time?

Bartolo’s Digest

He seems to defy Father Time and may never retire. But if and when he does, this Cy Young winning, self belly jiggling, strike throwing, cheer hoarding iron man might enjoy a lengthy second career in media. He answers to both “Big Sexy” … and Bartolo Colon.

Raised poor in the Dominican, Bartolo says he had to use tree branches as bats and tightly wound rags as baseballs. Since then, he’s had an impressive career pitching for 9 MLB teams.

That, along with his portly posture and occasional slapstick antics have made the 44ish year old a fan favorite. Imagine the endless stories he could tell and insights he could entertain and enlighten potential listeners or viewers. Think John Kruk … con adorable estilo español!