Twitters Secret Growing Aggressive Censorship

Twitters censorship is now at an all time high. From journalists, activists to the unsuspecting critical thinker, many have became a victim. Not only is it done in secret, it silences it’s critics who make any attempt to shed light of it. You’ve like the vast majority of people may not have got word of this, but it’s very real. Let shed some light of how this social media platform has turned fully fledged into a authoritarian dictatorship assassin.

I cannot speak justifiably for everyone this has afflicted, some circumstances are justified, many are not. But I will speak on the behalf of what I and others have seen and experienced. Coincidence doesn’t always mean causation, but ever since Jack Dorsey became CEO of twitter, everything has gotten rapidly worse.

Twitter has many diseases that whether directly allowing them, or choosing to not care to acknowledge the severity of them, twitter is complicit either way. Twitter has been given ample time to tune it’s departments and systems to attend to healing its infections, but all it’s done is sought after feeding its cancers and bringing destruction to those who make any attempt at healing and shedding light on them.

You might be aware of some of the crises happening all across the world, but some of them actually reside within social media, twitter being one of them. Some of these being animal abuse or the Yemen crisis. Social communication is one of the tactics used by Pedophiles and the Islamic State terrorist organizations, such as ISIS. If you know how to look for them, there's no short supply of them either. More importantly, their is no short supply of the activists and hunters who find them, report them, and get them removed. Unfortunately, in doing so has brought the destruction to many of these seekers of justice and what is right.

The investigation. Over the past few years, only increasing of severity of censorship twitter has allowed to be manufactured, i’ve like many have discovered quite a bit. The precise time frame to which this all began is unknown, but it’s been getting worse these past 2 years. Looking deeper, and more recently within the past year, you’ve noticed those who shed light on accounts that support terrorism or pedophilia, at some point get shadow banned, locked, suspended, or permanently banned, in many cases without warning or explanation. I too have been a victim of this many times.

You can probably guess what having your account locked, suspended, or permanently banned is, but probably the worst tactic, the most wormy, shady, secretive and divisive of them all, is shadow banning. Shadow banning includes many facets in of itself. Shadow banning is basically the act of silencing a user or discouraging them without anyone else noticing. Some of these tactics include the following:

  1. All of your posts, individual and within comments, are completely removed from any search that you’ve made. The only ones who can see them, are you and your friends. When logged out or in a private session, you will not find them unless under the users account itself.
  2. Your web presence is dwindled and throttled to everyone; your chances of appearing in peoples timelines who follow you and and read tweets you commented on that follow you, are drastically reduced.
  3. Your messages in Direct Messages window fails to load frequently.
  4. Things tend to break or stop working permanently. After your “un-shadow banned”, things stop working correctly. Loading times of Direct Messages, searches, timelines and etc., drastically increase. You tend to get many “Errors”, such as “internal server error” or “your message could not be sent”, when loading, sending or posting things. Your notifications and Push Web Notifications that popup outside your browser, break and so do the settings for them in the account settings. It is almost like twitter permanently places your account into a poorly maintained sub directory that still lets you access twitters features. All of these “errors” happen frequently, but with a touch of randomness.

I will list some other tactics that are seemed to be used to silence or discourage activists, journalists, reporters and critics against the status quo:

  1. Users get locked out of their account multiple times a day, and are required to confirm their ownership, with an email or phone number.
  2. Users get locked out anywhere between a few hours to a few days, sometimes longer. This is shown to the user with a count down timer and message saying “creating a safer environment for people to freely express themselves is critical to the twitter community…”, which is ironically and humorously contradicting to free expression. This may also be triggered by using a different device, network, or browser.
  3. Seemingly if you are hard left or right and are negatively verbally instigating or abusing critics, this doesn’t apply to you. If you cover things such as the Yemen Genocide currently taking place by the hands of Saudi Arabia back funded by US, go after ISIS, Pedophile or animal abuse accounts, this however will make you victim to these tactics.
  4. Hunters that go after ISIS, Pedophile, animal abuse accounts or etc. similarly, that tag twitters safety, support and dev teams, seem to noticeably get afflicted by these tactics.
  5. Anyone that uses automation in anyway, even if its very finely tuned to resemble what you would naturally do yourself, even though these services and features are allowed to be connected to your twitter account and have not been blacklisted, will make you a victim also.
  6. Certain hashtags that are specific to some of the crises happening in the world, from net neutrality, healthcare, animal abuse, ISIS, Yemen and similarly etc., are completely hidden in searches.
  7. Many news reporting agencies and journalists that are dedicated to truth, news and reporting, are filtered out of the search filter(“filter:news”) used in a search query.
  8. Some searches for users, events or hashtags, when used in conjunction with (“min_retweets:1 min_faves:1”) in a search query, are hidden partially or completely. Sometimes those numbers used vary.
  9. Re-tweeting posts that are automated by accounts can fall you victim of these tactics
  10. Even participating in tweet storms (lists of text compiled to be tweeted by users to be tweeted by you), will make you fall victim to these tactics.
  11. Can use a browser feature (dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled), to hi-jack things copied, or trying to be pasted, from being able to.
  12. Some how even if a user follows you, without them knowing, they end up blocking you. Post contact, they unblock you and say they didn't even know they did. This also kicks you out of group chats if they are in the same you are.

Many users are experiencing this. Example search used here:

Many of activists, journalists, reporters and critics that go after ISIS, Pedophile, animal abuse accounts or etc. similarly, though some of these accounts are removed ‘sometimes’ that are in clear blatant violation, have their accounts restored, sometimes multiple times a day. Even more strangely, tagging twitter to remove accounts with pedophilia content, instantly will get you permanently banned, with only 1 warning, if you’re lucky to receive one. Yet heads being chopped off, and people being shot in the head, and murdered children by ISIS, your permitted to stay way more likely. Both are equal to horrific atrocities, but it begs the question where twitters biases lay.


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