In-Store Demonstrations Improve CPG & Retailer Collaboration

The relationship between CPGs and retail partners is a major determining factor to the success of in-store program launches. By engaging with established retail partners, CPGs can widen their distribution and attract new customers. 
 It is a best practice for CPG reps to be in-store and engaging with store management, employees, and consumers. In-store product demonstrations are a great way to win over store management while propagating product knowledge among customers.
 See below for tips to make your in-store demo a success!
 Before the demo: Communicate with the store manager about when you are coming, where you will set-up, necessary supplies, a place to store extra samples, and what you will be bringing. Communicating ahead of time is not just a nice courtesy, it ensures your set-up will be smooth and offers you the opportunity to generate some excitement around your visit. 
 Give samples to employees: Product demonstrations are primarily for customers but don’t ignore the employees on the floor. By giving samples to employees they become acquainted with your product and can become your brand ambassadors in-store. Share product knowledge and show employees where your products are located on the shelf. 
 Send more than one rep: By sending more than one rep you give reps the option of continually walking the store to interact with customers and employees. Help customers get something off the shelf, strike up a conversation, hand them a basket and a sample when they enter the store. 
Follow-up: Send a thank you card to the store manager telling them how the demo went and any insights you have for him/her. Be sure to thank them for any assistance they provided. This will help ensure a good relationship for future product demonstrations and a good reputation for your company within that community of store managers. 
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