Three ways to compost

What else can we do with these food scraps?

The most common household methods for composting can be summarised in these three methods.


If you are just starting to compost and have a garden, a compost bin is a good choice for converting food waste, garden waste and scrap paper.

They are remarkably forgiving and if you follow the recipe of 30% Greens (wet scraps) to 70% Brown (dryer and carbon rich ingredients), you will be well on the way. Learn more about composting with a bin.


A worm farm, is for the attentive and careful composter, who wants a fine, dense, nutrient-rich soil and plant food.

As with each of these three methods being touched on here, there are a range of commercial and DIY options to choose from.


The most compact of the three methods, Bokashi is a closed-lid system that offers some simple steps for processing kitchen food waste, even meats.

Bokashi was developed in Japan and literally means ‘fermented organic matter’. Fermenting the food helps it break down much quicker than usual.

More articles will be written and linked to from here. Meanwhile, I welcome your questions and your knowledge — join the conversation on the Compost Collective Facebook group.

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