The Mental Magnifying Glass

by Emily Morris

We all have those days — where you’re ugly crying + watching Grey’s and reevaluating every life choice you’ve made for the last six months. It seems like nothing has gone right in a very long time (when really it may only have been a shitty day, still sometimes a day like that feels like a lifetime). For when you just can’t, below is a mini mindfulness meditation to turn things around.

Where attention goes, energy flows. What we focus on amplifies — so, as much as we can, let’s focus on the positive.

One way to do this is to take five minutes every few days to sit down and mentally thank your higher power (God, the Divine, the Universe, the Source, whatever you feel comfortable calling it/him/her) for all of the gifts in your life. To do this, sit down somewhere and get comfortable. Close your eyes and say either in your head or aloud, Thank you, Universe, for my health. Thank you, Universe, for my loving family…and continue listing and even picturing (if you want) your blessings, whatever you consider the gifts in your life.

Feel the gratitude fill your heart up with joy. Picture each loved one, each gift, and envision how it feels to have such a blessing. Imagine being with that person and just appreciating the hell out of them. Imagine fueling our bodies with fresh foods as a sign of thanks. Imagine what it feels like to be totally healthy and able.

Before closing, say thank you for things you are aspiring to manifest at the moment, like that promotion at work or the blooming of a new relationship. Thank you, Universe, for helping me quit smoking. Thank you, Universe, for giving me the motivation to get through this semester. Thank your higher power or the Universe for the ability to work towards these goals. Then, slowly bring your attention back to the room and open your eyes.

Focusing on our gifts often brings more abundance. And if nothing else, it improves our moods and calls attention to what is working in our lives.