Why Composure?

by Krista King & Emily Morris

Every day, we choose what we compose ourselves of based on what we consume. Physically, our bodies are made up of the foods we choose to consume. Mentally, we choose what thoughts to believe and which to ignore, composing our minds of positivity, or negativity, or a flux of to do lists. Through our behavior, we choose how we treat others moment-to-moment. This makes up the quality of our relationships.

We also tell ourselves things about ourselves, e.g. “I’m such a joke. I’m an idiot,” and we buy into these messages. We believe them. And then we act accordingly.

So, why “Composure” for a name? Because we as humans have a responsibility to choose how we compose ourselves. How we compose ourselves impacts others, and not to mention shapes our own experience of our life.

If we are unhappy, we are creating that unhappiness based on how we are reacting to our life situation, a point Eckhart Tolle makes in “The Power of Now.” I know this is a hard pill to swallow. There are of course tragic life situations that occur and that cause great pain. Still, we have a choice how we react and behave.

This is what I know: experiencing pain is unavoidable. Still, tolerating it and reacting with grace is possible. Many of us want to be good mothers, good sons, kind-hearted partners, and loyal friends, and in fact many of us are. Still, when times are difficult, we sometimes act out. We say things we do not mean. We shout. We blame.

We are human. And we behave in odd ways sometimes. But that does not mean we are bad. We are at our core loving beings with an inherent need for relationships. We need others to thrive. So, for that reason, we want Composure to become a community of some sort. We do not know what this will look like, but we do know this: we are in that weird mid-twenties phase that our roommate keeps calling the toddler phase of adulting, and life is not always easy (read: it’s effing hard). We don’t know what we’re doing in pretty much any area, but we are trying. We are works in progress. And I think a secret of adulthood is that everyone is.

So, for those areas in which we need assistance, we give you Composure. We will do our best to compile any helpful tools that we use to compose ourselves daily, through the chaos that is life in Chicago at 25. We love you all already, all two of you who are reading this. Cheers.