5 High Quality Handheld Weather Devices

Over the past several years, handheld weather devices have undergone a significant transformation. Thanks to smaller sizes coupled with greater capabilities, they are used by virtually anyone associated with or interested in weather-related conditions. Although there are many unique options, five stand out as the best.

1. Wind Speed Anemometer — This handheld device measures wind speed. In looking at various handheld weather station reviews, you will discover that the anemometer is in high demand. The work “anemometer” is a name derived from the Greek word “anemos,” which translates to “wind.” Along with large and complex options for this instrument used in meteorology, you will find several great handheld devices that are perfect for recreational or small business use. The Comptus A75–101 and A75–104 rank among the best products sold today.

2. Wind Direction Vanes — Another great weather device is the wind direction vane. While a weathervane and windsock are the most common, other more modern options exist. Regardless, these devices move with little resistance to indicate the direction from which the wind blows. For a reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use vane, you will never go wrong with the Comptus A75–302.

3. Barometric Pressure — A barometer measures atmospheric pressure between 26.5 and 31.5-inches of Hg. Some handheld devices include a thermometer to measure both air temperature and barometric pressure. Comptus offers several high-quality barometric pressure sensors with different outputs.

4. Relative Humidity and Air Temperature — Officially called a psychrometer, this handheld weather meter measures relative humidity. Most of the devices sold today have two thermometers for recording air temperature. The Comptus Humidity and Air Temperature Transmitter is another prime example of excellence.

5. Ambient Weather — A device that measures ambient air is another top weather device. Due to the small size, you can take it anywhere. With this single device, you can track both air temperature and the surrounding wind speed.

For any handheld device designed for tracking, monitoring, and recording weather condition, it is important to choose the best available product. Especially if you plan to use one of the devices as part of your job, whether doing high-rise construction, flying a plane, crop dusting, chartering a boat, or working as a truck driver, the right device will make your job easier and safer.

For these and other related devices, Comptus is the most respected and trusted source. Please visit our website to learn about our company and all of the products we offer or call us today to speak with a company representative.