How to become a graduate management trainee

Graduate management trainees knew as Management Trainee Officers (MTO’s) are business graduates that have been directly hired for a management position based upon skills; they’re given a permanent position after a period of time.

Companies hire, train, and offer permanent jobs to selected students after rigorous testing, examination, and interviews to assess their skill set. To become a graduate management trainee, it is important that you keep looking for MTO positions in a company and apply based on the skillset that the organization requires of you. Graduate trainees might need to have some previous experience, and the need to pass examinations, as mentioned earlier.

Management trainees have secured good management and leadership positions at companies in industries specialized for the type of work that they do, e.g. FMCGs, tourism industry, manufacturing, etc. If someone had an interest in Supply chain management and had the skills & mindset to work in this department, he/she would most likely work with a company involved in logistics and supply chain. Someone who is good at number crunching could end up working at a financial firm such as a bank. Here are a few steps to become a graduate management trainee:

  1. Find out the field in which you like to work — First, you should determine what your interests are so that you can apply for a particular management trainee position. Apply for the positions advertised on websites as well as newspapers.
  2. Know the requirements — Every company offering management trainee positions has its requirements. Some may require two years of experience whereas others may demand a CGPA of over 3.5 too. Some companies may also require letters of professional academic and work experience references. Know what the different requirements are and make sure you take some time to fill in those. 
    Some companies might require the candidates to get a certain score on the GMAT examination. You may also need to have experience after getting an undergraduate business degree.
  3. Look at job fairs — Companies looking to hire management trainees often visit universities and put up their stalls where aspiring graduates apply by dropping their profiles.

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