3 Common PC Issues And Solutions

A survey was conducted on the most common computer issues suffered by Australian home users. Given below are the most common computer problems. You can also find some tips on preventing or solving them from Computers Mobile, a well known computer repair business in Bunbury area.

PC is running slow: This is one of the most common problems that’s faced by the Australian home users. It is frustrating and so sometimes users even think of replacing the PC for this problem. There can be several causes for a slow computer — the most common one being lack of maintenance. A corrupted registry, fragmented data, virus and several other unimportant programs running simultaneously, actually slows down the speed and performance of the computer.

Tips — Always keep track of the programs. Remove the ones that you think you’ll never use or shut them down after using them. Clean the registry with paid or free applications. Also run disk defragmenter & stop any unwanted program from running. Keep updating your computer from time to time and use a antivirus software for any kind of virus removal.

Computer freezes: This is also a very serious problem. Most of the time it’s caused by viruses that have been installed on the PC. The viruses can enter through clicking a link to a fake website from an email or so. The problem can even be caused by hardware.

Tips — Always check the link before clicking on it by holding the cursor over it in order to see the full address of the link. Make sure your anti-spyware or antivuris software is updated. If you’re sure that your PC is spyware or virus free, the problem can then be because of outdated hardware drivers. So, if it is because of hardware, try to uninstall the component you installed recently.

Forgetting to backup the data : A lot of home users forget to backup their data. It is an overlooked task even nowadays probably because of the fact that important documents, music libraries, photos and emails are stored automatically on the hard drive of the PC. But unfortunately, what many of the users are not aware is that when the PC breaks down, the data disappears forever.

Tips — Find a solution, which makes backup to the server, external hard drive or cloud service. If it’s a hard drive that you choose to have all your backup data in, make sure not to place it near your PC because in case of fire that is going to be destroyed as well. Backup must preferably be an automated method and it should operate independently of whether you remember or not. There are many companies that provide businesses with the right software and hardware for supporting the backup requirements and if need be can offer data recovery service if need be.

Originally published at wikiepedia.wordpress.com on August 29, 2016.