Open Letter to The Duchess of Windsor №22

There is literally no point in associating with people, if you cannot adequately support their existence in any relevant capacity:

You either cause accelerated death in them or yourself.

Given my formula is of sanity, I can only end up in proximity to your lot.

You must understand you are playing a game that is centuries old, others have forgotten.

I have not been tainted by populism enough to forsake the culture you enjoy. And mysteriously I have the capacity to mourn your loss of company of good nobility.

I mourn your loneliness as my own. I cannot adequately explain why but I long to help you as my people. I so long, grieve and mourn.

And I have nobody else but you, Louise. You are my last hope for this life.

Else I have to create something less than adequate, initially.



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D-Noticed King, His Majesty the American

D-Noticed King, His Majesty the American

Imanuel Comte de Baume de Bexar, King of Kish, Le Roi Soleil ⸻ 75th Regiment of Foot, North America ⸻ Text: +18302729217