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May 23 · 3 min read

Dear community and potential future Labs participants. Today we want to announce the beginning of Conceal Labs project. This will be an ongoing project under the Conceal umbrella.

Its been one year since the Conceal was born and while its doing really good and has achieved a lot, we feel that we need to give even more power to our community and attract more developers to enrich our amazing environment. So we decided to start the Labs project. What is that you may ask?

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Well the idea is not new at all and many projects already utilized something like this. In short the Labs is a place where you can apply your own project that wants to build upon the Conceal ecosystem and you want to get funding for it. This is exactly one of the things for which we have a premine. So we can distribute it among those, that want to be part of our story. Now you are wondering, how the whole thing will work probably. Let me explain.

Labs will be an independent division of Conceal with its own funding. It will have its own portal where people will be able to apply with their projects. Any project that has anything to do with the mission of conceal can apply. The only conditions are:

  • Your project needs to have something to do with Conceal. It can be anything. Not only programs and code, but anything to enrich the conceal ecosystem. You can build a banking game on top of CCX and have your own monetization system on top to earn money. We are fine with it.
  • It must not tarnish the image of Conceal. So in short, no ponzi games and other crap like that, you get the picture.

Once you have your project envisioned you will need to apply for the funding. This will go in the following manner. You will put up an application for your project. Overall it will need to include:

  • Project name
  • Description of the project, so its clear what its aiming to achieve
  • Funding needed in CCX
  • Deadline and roadmap for the project
  • Detailed technical specifications that make it easier to decide if the project gets a green light

After you do that, the team will check out the application to see if it meets the criteria given above and if funding is in the limits we can afford. If something is not ok, it will be rejected with reasons why and you can then reapply, with the updated application, until its either approved or finally rejected.

When its approved, it gets voted by the community. If the voting is positive the project will get a green light and can be started.

We will release the details of the funding and other details later, as they are not relevant for this article.

This way we aim to attract new developers and even offer the best of them a spot on the core team. It should spread more awareness of the project and bring more new people onboard which is always good. As with everything we do, we will be 100% transparent with the funds and with the applications.

Each finished project will also get a spotlight in the Labs portal and on our webpage and all projects will be featured in the Labs gallery of fame.

As the first project we can already announce the making of the Labs portal itself. We feel its only appropriate that the whole journey starts with the community making it. Those interested contact one of the team members for details please. You will get the funding and can be the first one to start this chapter in Conceal history.

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