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Apr 26 · 2 min read

With the launch of public Conceal Remote Nodes, you can now connect to a public remote mode and use your wallet without synchronizing the local block-chain. The list of available public remote nodes are on the Conceal Explorer under Nodes.

You will still be able to use the official remote node, however, like the others, it too will charge a fee for transactions, messages, and deposits/investments. At the time of writing, the fee is set to 0.001000 CCX and the remote node fee will appear as a separate transaction in your transaction history.

You can connect using both the desktop wallet and the command-line wallet. Here are instructions on how to do both.

Conceal Desktop

There are two ways to use a remote node with the desktop wallet. Please note that you will need Conceal Desktop v5.3.0 or newer. Under connection settings, there are two options:

Connection Settings

Custom Remote Node — With this option you can set a remote node of your choosing. You can either run your own remote node, or pick one from the list on the Explorer. Please note the node must follow the format hostname:port.

Automatic Remote Node (recommended) — This is the recommended option for remote node usage. When you select this option, the wallet with pick a random remote node from the explorer list, better spreading the load among the available remote node.

When you send a transaction, deposit, or send a message, you will now see a section that indicates the additional node fee you will pay for the transaction.

The Send Funds screen with the Node Fee visible

Conceal CLI

The command line wallet is the easiest. All you need to do is launch ConcealWallet with the — daemon-address option. Once again please follow the hostname:port convention. Here is an example:

Please remember that the remote node functionality is still in Beta, and there are probably some bugs we still need to work out.

Running your own remote node

If you want to make some extra CCX or want to play a bigger role in the network, you can run your own remote node. Please follow the guide here.

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