Color Picker has Gone Vector

Introducing your new old friend, Color Picker.

While you were off designing stuff all professional-like, we snatched him into our back rooms and modified him into a cooler, more bionic form, because we like next-generation type tools. They help you get your work done easier.

As Concepts is a vector-based app, Color Picker needed some vector strengths in addition to the usual features. Here’s the rundown on his new set of skills in Concepts 5.

Where is the Color Picker?

1. If you tap the center of your tool wheel (or the color palette on the classic toolbar), it’ll bring up the Copic color wheel. Nesting near the center of the color wheel you’ll find an eyedropper, a pretty standard icon for color picking. Tap the eyedropper to activate the Color Picker.

2. Or, if you tap-and-hold on the screen, you’ll see a new popup appear at the bottom. It has shortcuts in it for accessing certain key items, like your layers filters, precision filters etc. (It replaces the old HUD in earlier Concepts versions.)

This popup has three options you can toggle between: Item Picker, Lasso and Color Picker. If you tap the button, you’ll pick up the order they appear in quickly, and enjoy Color Picker right there at your fingertips. If you’re a color picking fiend, you can leave selection to the tool wheel as a separate tool, and leave color picking set to your tap-and-hold. Pick colors just by setting your finger to the screen.

How do I use the Color Picker?

If you drag the color picker across your colorful screen (at least give us one or two colors to pick from), you’ll notice a few things.

1. The shape. The circle acts as your target zone, with the crosshairs at the center giving you the exact point of choice.

2. The solid color at the bottom half of the circle’s rim is your currently selected color for your brush. It won’t change until you tell it to.

3. The changable color along the top half of the circle’s rim is the color your crosshairs are currently touching. This is the color your brush will take on if you let go of the color picker.

Notice as you move it about that it takes on the character and transparency of each point in the texture of the stroke. With pencil, for example, the texture ranges from solid to semi-transparent, even though it’s drawn with one, set pencil brush.

4. But don’t let go of the picker just yet. Do you see the little tag floating above the circle? While the ring analyzes the color at the crosshairs point, the tag tells you the vector details about your stroke — its brush size and color, as well as keeping track of its opacity, smoothness etc. These are the characteristics of the brush you used when initially drawing the stroke. If you tap the tag instead of letting go of the ring, it will assign the exact brush to your tool slot on the tool wheel or bar.

Useful Tips on Color Picking

In addition to picking up colors and stroke types you’ve drawn with inside the Concepts app, the color picker works on images. If you’ve dragged or imported an image onto the canvas for reference, you can drag the color picker over the image and select any color inside it.

This is incredibly useful for designs and art pieces where your colors matter — try sampling fabrics, flowers, skin tones, eye color, text, products and logos… and apply those exact shades to your drawing.

Remember to add your custom shades to your Color Palettes so you can find them at any time. You can read how to do that here.

Yes, vectorized Color Picker is a pretty nifty guy. Tough, flexible and elegant at once, he’ll help you get your work done faster and easier than ever before.

Best of designing to you,

The Concepts Team

For a live view of the Color Picker and other features, watch our Concepts 5 Deep Dive tutorial on YouTube.