Setting Tools and Tool Presets in Concepts 5

We understand how finely-tuned tools are everything to an artisan. The right brush tip, color, paper type or pencil hardness makes a difference to your final product. We believe in offering you creators the deepest customization on your tools, so you can have the exact tool you need, right where you need it — at your fingertips.

Here’s how Concepts’ tools and menus work, and how you can create customized presets for a faster workflow.

The Tool Wheel

When you first enter a drawing, you’ll find a lovely empty canvas, and your tools located on the Tool Wheel. You’ll also see several menus to either side of the canvas.

Every menu can be moved so you can create your most comfortable sketching layout. Tap-and-hold the outer ring of the tool wheel or on any menu, and drag it across the screen. You’ll see a thumbnail of your docking positions appear to help you know where to place it.

You can dock multiple menus inside one station to maximize your canvas space. When you tap a menu to activate it, it will expand and adjust with the others as necessary.

You can also slide your finger across any menu to collapse it further…

… and slide it again to make them disappear from your canvas.

This canvas intentionally left blank.

Touch the little tab to bring them back. To expand the menus further, slide back out again.

When you drag your tool wheel into a corner and dock it, the menus automatically minimize, and the wheel becomes spinnable so you can access hidden tools.

Spin the wheel to find your tool. On iPhone (right), the wheel is always docked.

You can also resize the tool wheel to fit your hands by pinching or expanding it with two fingers.

If you prefer the classic Tool Bar, position the wheel along either edge of the screen and it will expand along the side, with your preset options available on the inner edge.

Customizing Your Brush

Tap on a brush to select it for drawing.

To adjust your brush’s size, opacity and smoothness, use one of the options in the inner ring of the tool wheel (or along the inner edge of the tool bar). Tap the option to bring up a customization slider, or if you just want to be quick, slide your finger across it.

On the slider, notice there are four brush values for that tool — these are your Tool Presets. Tap a tool value to draw with that preset. Tap-and-hold the tool preset to custom enter your preferred size or value.

If you tap a currently selected tool a second time, or tap-and-hold an inactive tool, you’ll bring up a full Brushes Menu.

The Brushes Menu

Here in the Brushes menu, you can customize your tools further.

At the top of the menu is your brush viewer. This shows your current brush in its current color against a transparent background (since vector stroke properties are independent of background). You can write right inside the viewer and try out each brush.

Next you’ll find a scrollable menu of all your brushes. Scroll through and tap one to set it as your tool, and see its appearance in the viewer.

Beneath the brush choices you’ll see your chosen brush preferences, with the option to reset your tool to default settings.

Now go ahead and tap one of the four brush presets, and use the slider to set your brush’s size, opacity and smoothness. Watch the viewer to see your brush actively change with your adjustment.

If you already know which value you’d like, just tap-and-hold the preset and enter in your custom value.

If you’d like to change your tool’s color, touch the second tab at the top of the menu.

This menu has a full set of useful abilities of its own. Read about colors, creating color palettes, and mixing colors here.

Your tools are ready for your sketching project!

Sharing Tools and Presets between Drawings

Concepts remembers which tool presets, canvas layout, colors and palettes, and other settings you used in any drawing.

If you’d like to carry the same presets into another drawing, enter the drawing with your preferred settings. Exit again to the Gallery and create a new drawing. The old data will carry over to the new drawing so you can just start working.

If you’ve set up a free Concepts account, your settings will also sync between your devices. Open a drawing for its preferred settings, then open a new drawing on your other device and find the same settings ready to go.

Best of luck with your designs!


The Concepts Team