Revisiting a conspiracy theory 8 years later.

This is a horrible thing to say. And there’s no way to prove that it’s true. It makes perfect sense, and it explains so very much, but ultimately the only way to know why she did it, is to ask her. And if you did, she’d deny it. In her place, I’d deny it too.

Eight years back, Sarah Palin had a baby. His name is Trig, and he has Down syndrome. And there were peculiarities about the circumstances under which he was born. So many peculiarities, in fact, that some people have speculated that perhaps he’s not Sarah’s son, but rather her grandson, by her daughter Bristol. That they pulled the mother/grandma/sister hustle to cover things up. But there are problems with that. For instance, if they went to all that trouble to pull the hustle once, why would Bristol then go ahead and have another unmarried teen pregnancy, so soon after the first one, and admit it, at a time when it drew so much more attention to her mother’s life? And then there’s the Down syndrome. It’s a lot more plausible that a baby would be born with Down syndrome if his mother is in her late 40s, as opposed to her mid-teens.

But then, if we accept that he’s actually Sarah Palin’s son, why did she do all those incredibly dangerous things late in her pregnancy? Why did she take such unconscionable risks with her son’s life?

What if… that was the point?

Raising a special-needs child is very difficult at the best of times. It’s a lot more difficult when you’ve got a job as time- and energy-intensive as being governor of Alaska. Some women, when told that amniocentesis indicates that they will have a child with Down syndrome, choose instead to have an abortion. But Sarah Palin has long been an outspoken opponent of abortion. This isn’t to say that she wouldn’t get one for herself — as per Joyce Arthur’s “The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion”, it’s not unknown for pro-life women to get abortions in secret, and then resume opposing it in public. But could Governor Palin 100% trust that word wouldn’t get out? There’s medical privacy laws, of course, but even so: people will sometimes break rules in order to score political points. People in Alaska would probably recognize her, and her daily activities were typically a matter of media scrutiny and public record. People would find out. And then her political career would be over. Even if she gave him up for adoption, he could still be used against her.

So, abortion’s out. Adoption’s out. Actually raising him, while still being governor, will be a challenge she’s not keen to embrace.

And then she gets an idea.

As her due date approaches, she goes on a trip to Texas for a conference. When her water breaks, she doesn’t go to the hospital — instead, she gives a speech. She’s in labor with her fifth child, but she doesn’t go to the hospital — instead, she takes two long flights, and a several-hour car ride on bumpy roads, passing up multiple hospitals. There’s more details out there if you look for them.

All these risks, these insanely difficult and dangerous and irresponsible risks, they could lead to a birthing death. It would be so tragic. Unavoidable. She’d get so much sympathy. Poor Governor Palin, she’s so brave, trying so hard. She deserves our vote.

And then Trig lived.

Let me reiterate: this is wholly unprovable. It makes perfect sense, and it explains everything, but the only one who knows for sure is Sarah Palin, and she’ll deny it. And it wasn’t illegal, anyway.

But if (as rumor has it) Donald Trump is considering her for Secretary of the Interior… shouldn’t the American people know that Sarah Palin may have tried to arrange for her son to die during labor, so that she could avoid being “burdened” with a disabled child, so that she could avoid getting caught having an abortion despite being openly pro-life, and so she could get sympathy votes?