Ann Coulter Destroys Renee Ellmers, Calls Her Pro Amnesty

Renee Ellmers was the first person to be endorsed by Trump, and it’s shocking to many.

Why would Trump endorse someone who’s so pro-amnesty like Representative Renee Ellmers? Many people are saying that it’s because Ellmers endorse Trump, and was the only congresswoman to do so. Further research shows Ellmers endorsed Trump the day before the North Carolina primary so I’m sure there was no political motivation for that.

Here’s what Ann Coulter, one of Trump’s biggest supporters said about Ellmers:

“Rep. Ellmers, has dedicated herself to supporting the needs of her rich donors by being strident, rude, and utterly cliched on the subject of immigration. . . . Every exchange Ellmers has about immigration seems to end in a blizzard of shouts and insults. After failing to tear at the heartstrings of talk radio’s Laura Ingraham with tales of rich farmers who need cheap foreign labor, Ellmers shouted that Ingraham was ‘ignorant and emotional’ . . . About a week later, Ellmers denounced a constituent who criticized her on immigration, telling him that he didn’t have ‘any damn facts’ and was full of ‘hatred and vitriol.’ . . . For the cherry on top, [Ellmers goes] around claiming [she’s] opposed to amnesty — while doing everything [she] can to sneak foreign workers into North Carolina. . . . Instead of running candidates who have to lie about their position on immigration, let’s run Republicans who actually agree with the voters! . . . Sucking up to businessmen [has] brought . . . Ellmers a lot of campaign cash…”

Second District conservatives should vote against Renee on June 7th.