30 Days

Opening eyes slowly to appreciate the peaceful calm I had just created within myself, I briefly wondered why meditation always seems to slowly slip down to the bottom of the priority list. I like to think that it’s lack of time, too tired or because my room is too messy to even sit in, but I know these are just excuses. I know that with meditation, suddenly I am finding more time, I sleep better and I become more content with mundane jobs like doing the washing.

And yet I still seem to wander from a regular practise.

Waiting till I really need it before I place myself on the cushion again. In the past, I have kept a diary of my meditation experiences, committing myself to thirty days to record how I change throughout the longer process. I’m sure someone has done something like this before, but it doesn’t mean that others too haven’t forgotten to meditate regularly.

So perhaps this will become a daily reminder (and now I really do have to commit) to experience some quiet at least once for thirty days (takes 28 to form a habit) and to experience gratitude within that time. I’ve always had strange coincidences benefit me when I start to put out grateful vibes everyday. As much as I feel looking at a screen just before bed is ruining this little zen place I’ve found, I would like to share after every meditation, or at least at the end of every day that I meditate.

So here is day one, and already I’m feeling a lot calmer from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Here’s to a good snooze.