Day 11;

I missed a meditation yesterday. Instead I sunk into a long yoga practise, I dived into icy waters for the first swim of the summer (five days till spring) and I enjoyed a glass or three of wine with good company. It is perfect example as to why morning meditation, as soon as you rise, is so beneficial. We’re going to have days where that self discipline might go out the window a bit, or we may be with constant company and to whip away for a quick fifteen minutes doesn’t give you the space needed to really focus and let your mind settle.

This morning while everyone was still sleeping, I got up and sat down for a good 25 minutes. My mind was all over the place, which is not my usual for morning time, but I sat with it patiently like with a young child and let it run itself out to silence. Some days you just cannot do it.

But you can still show up.

So this was my “showing up” to my short read today, and now I’m going to go get my energy back.

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