Day 13; Setting the daily intentions

I did a short morning meditation before going to work today. Just long enough to start becoming aware of my body sensations and the discomfort I also felt from the last few days of not-so-great eating. It set my intention for the day to regain mindfulness with my food. Not eating when I’m not hungry. Taking note when I’m becoming hungry or tired before its too late.

Usually on a Monday I am knackered, either from the weekend or because it is really my Tuesday of the week. Monday is my day that I slip up and make bad food choices with the little rebellious child in my mind deciding that she doesn’t care and why the heck can’t she have that pastry like everyone else can?

Today I felt that tired urging returning towards the end of the day, but there was something different. I was aware of it. I was giving myself an, okay, you can feel like that speech and continued cleaning up. The tiredness and craving stayed with me, but I started to grow comfortable with it, and let it be there while the child slowly faded away.

Usually, I also do not much of anything after work on a day like today (usually due to pastry consumption), but today I didn’t. Instead of thinking, I should get some air so I have energy to settle into typing, but not actually doing it, I put on my running shoes and got some good heart pumping oxygen instead. This left me with energy for a proper dinner, and some good typing work.

All because I allowed myself to be aware of my cravings and not breaking, not suffering with that carb coma and nourishing and moving instead.

All because I sat there this morning and drew attention to how I currently felt, and let myself decide that I didn’t want to feel like that again.

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