Day 14; Post workout pain.

I did Muay Thai training this evening and have been working a lot more then usual so my body has been in a bit more pain lately. However this just helps to remind me to become more aware of my body and how it feels during meditation. This is a technique that I have come across in Vipassana meditation and also in Calm Abiding meditation. Both are silent, and both observe the breath. Both also incorporate body scanning.

Once we are quiet enough within the mind, we can progress to scanning and observing our body. This goes up and down, becoming aware of sensation, pain, discomfort or bliss that might be occurring in any part of the body. It teaches you to observe this, but not to hold onto it. To acknowledge that it is there, and then move onto the next part.

If you don’t scratch the itch, it eventually fades away.

I guess this can be the preparation for the emotional side of things. The teaching is that we might feel uncomfortable or even feel amazing, but everything changes and we cannot expect the feelings to stay around. It teaches us to be content with that idea, that no matter the situation, we can have a neutral understanding of it. To not hold on, because nothing is permanent.

Once we begin to understand the concept of impermanence, we start to understand life a little more. Change will become less scary, and we will be less resistant to it.

We can start to live and thrive in the flow of life.

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