Day 18; Meditation doesn’t happen on the cushion.

We will sit in meditation, and then get frustrated at work. We will claim love and happiness, but talk about how we wouldn’t do what “she” does because it’s wrong or don’t like that guy at the gym because it’s so vain.

Do we really have any right to put a judgement upon what is right and what is wrong?

Cause’ one person might go to the gym, and eat clean, and try to inspire others but will still drink alcohol. Or another might be vegan or do yoga but wouldn’t dare go near the guy who has LSD every once in a while. Or maybe this is all the same person.

Even I am still guilty of being caught up in letting the day stress me out, or getting stuck in my head when I should be present with others.

The meditation in the morning or the evening is a reset. It is something to remind us what we can achieve, and then to take with us as we go about our day. It is to see our racing mind and have compassion for those around us that suffer the same. It is to contribute that bit of energy to someone else, and brighten their day just enough so they realise that they are amazing too.

Meditation is only practise on the cushion, but it truly starts the minute we walk out the door to face the world. It’s the challenge we face during the day, a test to see; will you react in the same old pattern or will you choose something new? It’s seeing the assignment within life, the lessons that continue to repeat when we aren’t willing see them as they are the first time.

I’ve been breathing deeply on the mat, but I can do it throughout the day too. Time to regain awareness amongst the monkey mind of life.