Day 6; The morning buzz

In the evening, there is a lot more time spent finding quiet within the mind after the loud noises of the day before even having a chance of proper focus. So when I feel the motivation in the morning, I climb out of bed earlier and sit down wrapped in a warm blanket. I haven’t heard noises, and thoughts haven’t started flitting through my mind just yet. I already have a head start of finding that state of bliss within.

This morning I was able to quickly sink into my body and really feel my breath. I felt reduced fear for the day, almost like I was ready to tackle whatever might come. Instead of feeling like I didn’t want to go to work, I saw a challenge waiting for me to accomplish it. How might I affect someone today? How fast can I make coffees today?

Meditations in the evening brings me a deeper sleep, allowing for more energy to meditate in the morning. Morning meditations prepare me for the day, allowing less stress to go to bed. Both are beneficial and work synergistically with each other.

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