Day 7; To nurture the self.

Currently I have lower back pain, but with any sort pain, it’s important to honour the feminine within and nurture it. It’s more accepted in this society to “have a tablespoon of cement and harden up” so much so that we forget to rest. My meditation begun with frustrations towards my body, from holding me back from proper posture because of my pain. Then I chose to give into it, and breathe through it.

Pain is only a silent cry of imbalance. Just a symptom, and it’s up to us to choose if we want to listen to that or not.

With meditation, I could acknowledge the pain was there, and then release my emotions around it. We can increase our own pain by mulling over it, holding onto it, or trying to avoid it. It’s like poking at a bandaid wanting the wound to hurry up and heal, but we need time for that.

Whatever your body is trying to tell you, accept that pain in and address it. What is my mindset behind this pain? Does it happen when I neglect myself, or all the time? Am I putting a bandaid on it inside of sitting with it, and allowing my body to just feel that pain?

Through simply breathing and accepting my back pain, already it began to fade. It no longer needed to tell me what was up anymore, I already knew and I made sure that I came to an acceptance with it too.

Even as I write this I can feel the ache returning, but it too will pass.

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