Conductive Ventures Launches $150 Million Fund II

3 min readSep 14, 2020


The fund will continue its successful focus on expansion stage software and hardware entrepreneurs

Palo Alto, California, September 14, 2020 – We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Conductive Ventures II. The $150 million fund represents a 50% increase over Fund I. Our team and investment strategy remain the same where we aim to invest in entrepreneurs building enterprise software and hardware companies seeking expansion capital.

When we launched Conductive Ventures over three years ago, we didn’t have a name, website, or an office. We worked many hours out of coffee shops and traveled across continents to meet with start-ups. Despite the tremendous amount of work, we were driven by one simple goal in mind: back the next generation of entrepreneurs who aspire to drive positive change in the world. We took what we learned from our mentors at IVP, Kleiner Perkins, and Intel Capital, and sought to create a new firm that embodied the most important attributes as a VC, which is to serve:

  1. entrepreneurs as the “go-to” partner;
  2. investors with strong returns;
  3. our corporate partners by providing a bridge into Silicon Valley.

We’ve been incredibly active building a portfolio of 17 companies in Fund I. Not only did our portfolio companies survive the onslaught of the pandemic, but they have also accelerated their growth through the crisis. For example, despite Fund I’s young vintage, we’re thrilled that Desktop Metal announced they’re going public. In spite of the amount of uncertainty in the world, we’re humbled to have investors who believe in what we’re doing and have decided to double-down in Fund II with us. We’re grateful for our entrepreneurs who welcomed us on their adventure, and we’re excited about all the new entrepreneurs and companies who will be a part of Fund II.

There is no doubt that we live in uncertain times. We’re still living in the midst of an ongoing pandemic with millions of people unemployed in the US. Our climate is under attack with raging wildfires and destructive hurricanes that only seem to be intensifying. And, we have serious social equality issues that plague our nation. At Conductive Ventures, we have a strong belief in the importance of diversity, and are committed to continuing to invest in diverse and inclusive founders who promote positive change. All the while, we also humbly acknowledge that there’s always more to do.

Lastly, we want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey so far. First and foremost, our backers who believed in us from day one. Second, our families and friends who have supported us in our adventures. Last but not least, our formal and informal advisors who have been tremendous sounding boards for us. We couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey onwards!

About Conductive Ventures

Conductive Ventures invests in expansion stage companies with a focus on enterprise software and hardware entrepreneurs. The team is led by institutional venture investors and operators with unmatched experience in the sector. Conductive Ventures focuses on post-product companies with early customer success. The team works closely with its portfolio companies to deliver demonstrable revenue acceleration through targeted introductions and partnerships. For additional information, please visit

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Conductive Ventures invests in expansion stage companies with a focus on enterprise software and hardware