We are happy to release a new feature that gives you total control on the format of your name badge PDFs. Here’s how it works.

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Start from a pre-defined format compatible with any Avery name badge kit.

As of September 2013, more than 147 million Americans own a smartphone. The majority of your attendees will probably carry one at your event. How can you take advantage of this?

Developing a custom event app is expensive and time consuming, but rest assured, we found an easy solution called EXMO. The platform lets you quickly create beautiful native apps for your event in minutes; no coding skills needed.

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We are happy to partner with EXMO to help you launch the perfect event. Here are just some of the advantages of using the EXMO platform:

  1. Keep attendees informed and engaged

We launched ConferenceBadge.com 10 months ago with high hopes of building a useful and quality product. Here is our ~1 year in review. We think it might interest some of you fellow bootstrappers.

The Team

4 members. 1 full-time, 3 part-time. 1 designer, 3 front/back-end engineers. @plehoux, @rafBM, @_Tristan, @EtienneLem

The Idea

The idea came after struggling to print name badges at a game jam festival I organized in Quebec City.

The Products

We have two products: PDF name badges ($0.25 each) and Printed name badges ($2.00 each). PDF is our most popular product.

We also developed a custom micro-perforated paper sheet (Avery style) which enables…

Printing name badges for last minute attendees and dealing with name badge typos are huge pain points. You don’t want to give some attendees hand-written badges.

We came up with a simple solution that will certainly help you deal with those. Follow this tutorial to see how it works:

  1. First create your design, checkout and download your PDF. Then print the bulk of your name badges. (e.g. 2 days before your event)
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One good way of raising the return on investment of your attendees and exhibitors is to offer them a good way to easily exchange contact information and do lead retrieval.

Trade shows and conferences are frantic: people meet hundreds of people, keeping track of who they met during the day is a painful task. Nobody wants to waste time typing contact information in a Contacts app or in a CRM.

At ConferenceBadge.com we offer a simple and elegant solution not only compatible with most smartphones but with many specialized lead retrieval apps. Here’s how it works:

What you need to…

At Conference Badge, we love support. We want our customers to be HAPPY. And nothing beats a live conversation. No surprise our preferred tool is our help chat.

We use an HipChat public room for this. Free and easy to setup.

But the thing is, when you’re a small team, you aren’t always around to help. Sometimes the support room is empty, your team is off… you know, sleeping? For a customer with questions or problems there is nothing worst than an EMPTY CHAT ROOM!

No chat room is better than an empty one. Customers shouldn’t waste time asking questions…

We were pitching as a bootstrapped startup working with something many would consider a small niche: name badges. But during those 10 minutes, we were mostly incoherent, and incoherence is usually not a trait associated with us.

That incoherence rose from our desire to please the interviewers. Our mind played us. We were not answering their questions with logic and pragmatism; we were trying to come up with what we thought they were expecting us to say.

It happens that, YC partners are intelligent people. You can’t fool them that easily.

They didn’t really care about our big vision, they…

Today, we’re excited to release a much requested feature: the ability to import attendees from Excel spreadsheets!

It’s dead simple to get started:

  • Create an Excel file with all your attendees.
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A month ago, we launched our solution for creating name badges online. We think we made most of our customers happy:

Just got done working with Rafael and team at Conf Badges! A fantastic experience, they went above and beyond to get our event badges done right for our Kred NY Influencers Summit! Thanks! –Peter Ferioli, Kred.com

These guys are AMAZING! I’ve never worked with a site where the folks behind the scenes were so responsive and so vested in helping you get what you need in such a timely fashion. –Chris Lap, Yale university

But some were not. One…

Launching a new product is a daunting and frightening task.

Daunting because you need to prepare your team and product for every possible scenario you made up. Will the media talk about it? Does it solve a real problem? Will my server stack deal with the launch? Is the product working in all browsers? Is the product usable? And so on…

Frightening because you also need to prepare for things you don’t know. Everybody tracks arrays of metrics with analytics software, but those are not much of a help when you don’t know what your user thinks when he plays…

Conference Badge

Design name badges online for your next event and get them shipped right to you!

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