6 Outdated Business Assumptions You Can’t Afford to Make

In Europe and across the globe, many businesses and governments appear frozen in time, still clinging to woefully outdated assumptions that inhibit their ability to innovate and remain relevant in the Digital Age.

Nicolas van Zeebroeck, presenter at the 2016 Future of Digital Transformation and Innovation unConference and professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, says the new digital economy has rendered these six core business assumptions irrelevant:

1. Automation is mechanical

2. Scale economies require physical capital

3. Customization is not scalable

4. Products must be priced; not their usage

5. Firm hierarchies dominate the market

6. Value is created by firms and consumed by fragmented and unsegmented individuals (atomistic agents)

Watch highlights of Prof. van Zeebroeck’s talk at the unConference to find out why these assumptions no longer apply.

For more expert insight, download the excerpt “Why This Transformation Is Different” from the full report on the Future of Digital Transformation & Innovation unConference. Topics include what makes the Digital Age different from the Industrial Revolution, steps you can take to transform your organization, the connection between diversity and innovation, and much more actionable advice and targeted research from The Conference Board.