giving yourself to a man

i don’t recommend it. if you're like me — with strong emotions, empathy, and easily attached to anything, don’t get into a relationship with a man who doesn’t treat you well. i mean it sounds easy right? shit, men are so nice in the beginning to get what they want, but once they have you, that’s when you’ll start to learn the real him. so after being in a relationship, please please — first chance is okay, second chances are debateable, but when it hits number three, just leave.

And no, you are NOT just too emotional. You are NOT crazy, psychopathic.. whatever men and even women call other women these days. you’re attached. and if he is not treating you right, and making you feel like you’re going crazy, it’s him, NOT YOU.

please, i swear, just leave. it’s better to leave now than later. and besides, if you left, and he really cared about you, he’ll go over the moon just to have you back. remember the effort he put in the beginning of the relationship? yeah — continuous effort is love. continuous effort is what is necessary in a relationship, and if he’s not giving it to you, you deserve so much better. even just hop on to tinder, find a new hot date, and i swear he’ll probably try to put in more effort than your boyfriend/ex did when you left him.

to strong women everywhere — we can get through this, without an asshole man.