some facts:
- i always overdress rather than underdress. (the first “boyfriend” or rather say cheating asshole told me I didn’t dress well enough. no fucking bitch is ever going to tell me that again) 
- i often jay walk. i walk even though sometimes it may seem the car is going fast or not looking because at that split moment i probably don’t care what’s going to happen to me. i don’t want to die, but during some fast irrational moments, sometimes i just don’ care enough not to anymore.
- i am used. last year, I have been with more than ten men. ive been slapped, choked, forced.. sex means nothing to me. 
- i just don’t feel much except for sadness and sudden temporary moments of happiness.

and as much as i love my free lifestyle which almost seems nomadic in a sense, i want continuity.

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