There’s no such thing as free Wordpress themes !

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am an amateur blogger and have been for almost a year. I’m half french half British and currently living in France, I have created a blog (in french) on personnel development and more specifically on building self-confidence.

After many months of struggling to find a theme to suit my blog, I finally turned to Optimizepress to help me improve the look of my website, I now use it purely as a plugin to create landing pages, opt-in pages and so on… So as you may guess, I now use a different theme for my blog, which I have “bought”.

This is where the title of this article comes in. I may be mistaken, but, after going through a wide range of “free” themes I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as free wordpress themes. The experiences I’ve had over time of trying to make my blog look decent has over and over again showed me that whenever you download a free wordpress theme, if you try to change something (not everything but depends on what you’d like to change) you can be restricted as to what you can modify.

Indeed, you have to buy the theme to actually be able to use it at its full capacity.

I fully appreciate the long list of blogs that draw you a list of the latest best free wordpress themes, unfortunately, the truth is that, if you really want a theme to be fully customizable, you have to purchase it.

If I am wrong, please comment and say so… I just don’t want people to be fooled by the word “free” and end up having to pay.

Thank you