Get a Job In Sweden! Part 2

Get connected!

Ok, you found someone. Now you are going to send mail/message/connect request/… But first:
We Swedes are picky. You cant go straight forward and just ask for what you want. Tell a story!
“-Hi I’ve been planing to move to Sweden for such a long time, actually since I was a teenager and first heard of your beautiful nature (Swedes love their nature) and how well everyone cares about each other.”
This is a great opener and of course we would love to help someone that tell us this story.
Do notice that I don’t tell that you don’t like where you live now or that you have a boring nature. Its in the story. Because of that any Swede will help you.
Compare with:
“-Hi, I’ve always wanted to move from my crappy country that has almost no nature and nobody cares for each other.”
Y0u see?
The first thing you will send to a Swede will be important, you don’t have a second chance! Practice, read about storytelling, think, write and rewrite, and when you feel happy from reading your story: Send it!
WAIT! Just one more thing: Don’t ask for anything! I mean don’t ask for ANYTHING! Ok? Good. That will come later.

Ok, sent it?

The more the merrier, do the same with all contacts you got.
In phase two, when they reply you still wont ask for anything but continue to let s/he know how well you think of Sweden.
Third time you are in contact is at the earliest point you could have a polite question. Like:
“-I’ve been looking for some job at Ericsson, do you know someone there?”
You have to take it easy. Ok? Good. Cause if you push it you will push him/her away. That is a promise.

Next step will be to ask the Right Question.

But of course will that be in part 3 where more will be revealed.

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