We are Young

Conflux Chain

— Fan’s Letter on Conflux’s First Birthday

Today marks the first anniversary of Conflux. Happy birthday!

Over the past year, I’ve been through everything from writing the paper, to seeking investments, team building and many more, all of which I have never experienced before. From an after-class idea to the Conflux project today, it would never have been achieved without the endeavors from each and every community member.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have been helping me go beyond my boundary and moving our community toward a better future!

A decade ago, the birth of Bitcoin made people realize the production relations will be revolutionized by a decentralized and distributed blockchain system. Nowadays, we are on the historical moment of moving from a ‘centralized operating system’ to a ‘decentralized and distributed system’.

Right here and right now, we are witnessing the history!

As a public-chain project, Conflux should be inclusive, decentralized and permission-less. I hope that once our team laid down the foundation, we can move back from the frontier and let Conflux thrive as a community-oriented public-chain for at least the next 20 years. Only then can ‘where valuable bits are exchanged and validated’ become a reality.

I often said that there is no competition in the blockchain space. It is still a blue ocean, where everyone and every team are sailing toward their visions. However, I believe that with the support of our communities, Conflux will shine amongst a sea of projects.

Undoubtedly, a one-year-old Conflux is still young and imperfect. Meanwhile, our youthfulness also means that we are vigorous and fearless with infinite possibilities.

Young we are, all my fellow Conflux believers! Let us work together to change the world with Conflux!


Fan Long


Conflux Chain

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