PPAP, boardroom edition

Like many others, I was amused (if not confused) by PPAP.

So while reading one of my favorite publications, The Hustle, this morning, I realized that life (in the beer industry, no less) imitates art:

“In 2004, Brazilian beer company, AmBev, merged with Belgium-based Interbrew (Stella Artois, Beck’s Bass, Labatt, Hoegarden) to create InBev, with annual sales of $14.7B.

Then, in 2008, InBev merged with America’s largest brewing company, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser, Michelob, Natural Light) to create a new company, AB InBev, doing over $43.6B in annual revenue.

And just yesterday, the long-anticipated merger of AB InBev and SABMiller (Fosters, Miller, Pilsner Urquell) finally closed to form another new company, Newbelco, with global sales of $55B.”

Hence instead of Pen + Apple + Pineapple + Pen, we have:

AmBev + Interbrew = InBev
InBev + Anheuser-Busch = AB InBev
AB InBev + SAB Miller = Newbelco

All of this is amusing since the final output is a massive beer conglomerate ‘Newbelco’, whose name sounds like the company behind New Belgium beer. New Belgium is a delicious, small-scale, employee-owned craft brewery in my home state of Colorado.

These guys make seriously good seasonal IPAs

Here’s hoping the industry gets a bit more creative with their names. God only knows how they will translate their name for China.