Why I’m leaving my job

I have some personal news. I feel the need to share this news because years of writing stories that thousands of you read everyday has given me a warped view of my importance in the world.

Here it is: after 17 years in senior positions at the Chicago Tribune, NPR, and the New York Times, I’m taking a job as News Director at Spox. You know Spox as a source of viral news for snake people. I’m devastated to say goodbye to the storied institutions that formed me into the journalist I am today. You are fighting the good fight. You are also broke.

I’m looking forward to my new job, mostly because I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the junior staff aren’t making $30,000, most of which was paid out in Starbucks gift cards and cigarettes. Also the office has snacks. I love snacks.

What will I be doing? My duties include getting my name on the masthead and writing captions for gifs in sponsored content no more than once a month. Don’t worry, I’ll continue blogging anonymously about the sorry state of our media.

Thanks for reading.


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