BJP’s double standards on patriotism

India is in the phase of ‘Modi-Rajya’ and reporting against injustice, inequality or unfairness is strictly prohibited. One has to face repercussions for speaking the truth under the Modi Government.

CRPF constable Pankaj Kumar Mishra, who uploaded a video on Facebook criticising Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the tragic Sukma massacre, has been sacked “because of his misconduct”.

Mishra was honest enough to expose on social media the poor service conditions of jawans, and demand for treatment on par with officers. Unfortunately, Mishra had to pay a massive cost for his honesty.

This is a clear message to all those who dare to go question the system. Be a part of the rotten system and you will be not be touched, but even a tinge of resentment will land you in serious trouble — this is the message the government wants to give to its detractors. This is not the first time that such an incident has taken place.

The Union Home Ministry had earlier dismissed BSF constable Tej Bahadur Yadav from service for “an act prejudicial to good order and discipline”. Yadav too had uploaded a video complaining about troops being served substandard food. The video had left the BSF and Union Home Ministry bosses red-faced.

In order to save themselves from further embarrassment and exposure, the ministry had restricted the paramilitary personnel from using social media. They were instructed not to upload personal photos and videos on various platforms without seeking permission from the directors-general of their respective forces.

The Government has finances for statues and for everything unreasonable, but they are absolutely negligent towards the jawans, who risk their lives every day. Is asking them to shut up, or penalising them for speaking up, the BJP’s idea of patriotism?
Usually, the BJP is the first off the block to wax eloquent on patriotism and nationalism. But when it comes to making the lives of those who serve the nation better, the government stands sorely exposed. On the one hand, the “patriotic BJP” keeps ranting the importance of giving respect to jawans for boosting up their morale and on the other, they are themselves humiliating them.

Why these double-standards? Why this hypocrisy? The BJP government has to realise that red-tapism, corruption, fraud should not be allowed to undermine our national security. We urge the government to practise what it preaches vis a vis nationalism and patriotism.