A True Story. You’ll love this one.

A man searched for years to find his perfect house. One day, walking down the street, he passed the home of his dreams. He immediately went to the bank to seek out a loan, but he was denied. Everyday he prayed for a solution, and everyday he thought of every way he could attain that house. The cost, however, was too high and he couldn’t figure it out. But the prayers continued.

Every day he walked passed the house, and over time he noticed that grass was very high. He waited for someone to cut it, but no one every did. The house had been vacant for quite some time and the outward appearance of it began to fade.

One day he decided to truly experience the house as if it was his. He threw on some jeans and a t-shirt, borrowed a lawn mower, and went to cut the grass. He trimmed the bushes, and really made the house look wonderful. He didn’t stop there, for 8 months he maintained the house as if it were his. All the while, the prayers continued.

Around the 9th month he noticed that a certain car he had never seen kept driving by. The man in the White Mercedes didn’t seem to pay him any mind, but he did seem interested in the house. One day while the poor man came by to tend to the yard, he was stopped by the rich man.

Rich: “Sir, are you the owner of this house?”

Poor: “No, I just tend to the yard”

Rich: “Why would you take care of a yard that is not yours?”

Poor: “Because it is my dream to own this house, and if the only thing I can do to feel like it is mine is to cut the grass, then that is what I have to do.”

Rich: “Do you get paid for it?”

Poor: “No, I just really like the house”

Rich: Ok.

After another week, the rich man drives by again, and he stops again. He gets out of the car and walks up to the poor man.

Rich: “Sir, you are still at this?”

Poor: “Yes sir, I’m going to do this until someone else buys it or I figure out a way to buy it.”

Rich: “Ok, well that makes sense. I wanted to come by here today to thank you for taking care of my house. It has been on the market and I haven’t been able to sell it. I thought I was going to when there seemed to be more interest, but when I asked the buyers told me that they like the yard. So I had to come out and see it.”

Poor: “Oh Well then, I’m sorry to have trespassed”

Rich: “Don’t worry about that. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done.”

Poor: “Please sir, don’t mention it. I love this house.”

Rich: “Well, have you ever seen the inside?”

Poor: “No, I’ve peaked inside but I’ve never been inside”

Rich: “Alright, then you are in for a treat.”

The Rich man walked the poor man up to the front door. He handed him the keys, and the poor man look astonished, but happy. The Rich man turns and walks down the stairs away from the house while the poor man opens the door. In confusion the poor man says, “Hey, where are you going?”

Rich: “I’m allowing the owner of the house to explore his home.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

This story was a story given to me by a poet. He told me this story to make sure that I didn’t quit doing the hard work that I am doing. He recognized that I was frustrated, but he didn’t want to tell me the typical “you can do it” speech.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The moral of the story is this:

No matter what keep faith

No matter what pray for answers, but be willing to work

You never know what the outcome of your struggle is going to be, but you have to recognize that it will not persist

When you do nice things for people, even if you don’t expect it, nice things will come back to you.

Prayer and thought without action is lame

Answers typically come from places that you will not be able to guess. Knowing that there is an answer to your concerns will keep you motivated and open to seize the opportunity.

You too can have your dream!

Charles T. Galloway III
MD 8th Congressional District Candidate

Twitter: @congress4ted

Instagram: @galloway4congress



“It is up to us to create a Nation that we are proud of”

Currently seeking volunteers, citizen donations, and press support.

Charles Theodore Galloway III — Teddy — Is a 32 year old congressional candidate in his home state of Maryland. Teddy is a Marine Corps Veteran from the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, and is currently a Strategic Planner support our National Military and Nation from adversaries who seek to use WMD weapons. Teddy has been a CBRN and WMD response instructor for the last 14 years, is educated from George Mason University in Global Affairs, and has an intense passion for motivational speaking, mentorship, and leading by example. Teddy is the oldest of a family of 7, raise by a single mother in Frederick, Maryland, and is an expecting father. He has a strong interest in conflict resolution, comparative religion, and solving problems by find the roots to them. Teddy is running for Congress in order to end political corruption, to be the voice of a budding generation, and to add morality and empathy to the national dialogue. He is running as a Green Party candidate because he believes in Grass Roots Democracy, Equality, Justice, and being a steward of the Environment. Some interesting things about him is that he is a Vegan of 3 years, he has recently published a motivational book, and he reads at least 40 books a year.