What are your plans for addressing the growing economic inequality in our country?

Below you will see words like “Support…etc.”. When I say this, I mean

A — introduce bills and legislation

B — support organizations and people who are working to these ends

C —being an public advocate myself in ALL of these areas, and in touring the country whenever I’m able to in order to promote these ideals.

1.By getting elected as a none bought candidate I will have the ability to be an advocate for people. This is something that we don’t have in congress at all.

2. Support legislation to end the war on Drugs, and changing drug policy from a “criminal” process to a health related process.

3. Support every means possible to end the School to Prison Pipeline.

4. Support every means possible to find ways to give homeless and needy families “tiny homes” in communities where they can grow and save.

5. Support every means of changing laws to keep politicians accountable for their actions and decisions, especially those decisions that target various groups of minority peoples.

6. Support every means possible to create a Small Business structure that would allow people to create small business without paying taxes for the first 5 years. This would allow every day Americans to start business without having to worry about financial burdens of taxes. I would, however, ensure that there are caveats that would not allow people to take out loans over a certain amount to do this. This would limit the rich from wanting in on that action.

7. Support policy changes in my district and around the country to ensure that police are not abusing their power and that all people are guaranteed equal universal rights.

8. By promoting sustainable living, off-grid living, and small communities who can develop their own micro economies that may weather the storm that will come with economic trials.

9. Support the creation of new volunteer organizations that can teach people how to live in the listed ways above, about how to come out of poverty, how to start business, and how to educate their communities on economics.

10. Support, Promote, and Create a social media outreach site that will aggregate all of the important work that groups and people are doing in the country to ensure equal rights, justice, and moral laws are created.

Charles T. Galloway III
MD 8th Congressional District Candidate

Twitter: @congress4ted

Instagram: @galloway4congress



“It is up to us to create a Nation that we are proud of”

Currently seeking volunteers, citizen donations, and press support.

Charles Theodore Galloway III — Teddy — Is a 32 year old congressional candidate in his home state of Maryland. Teddy is a Marine Corps Veteran from the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, and is currently a Strategic Planner support our National Military and Nation from adversaries who seek to use WMD weapons. Teddy has been a CBRN and WMD response instructor for the last 14 years, is educated from George Mason University in Global Affairs, and has an intense passion for motivational speaking, mentorship, and leading by example. Teddy is the oldest of a family of 7, raise by a single mother in Frederick, Maryland, and is an expecting father. He has a strong interest in conflict resolution, comparative religion, and solving problems by find the roots to them. Teddy is running for Congress in order to end political corruption, to be the voice of a budding generation, and to add morality and empathy to the national dialogue. He is running as a Green Party candidate because he believes in Grass Roots Democracy, Equality, Justice, and being a steward of the Environment. Some interesting things about him is that he is a Vegan of 3 years, he has recently published a motivational book, and he reads at least 40 books a year.