I NEED YOUR HELP! — Congressional Candidate Support!

I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you for your support to my political Campaign. I am running for Congress in Maryland’s 8th District as a Green Party Candidate. I am running to end political corruption, to promote sustainability and equality in all facets of American life, and in order to increase justice and equality in our government and society. I believe that with your support the voters of my district would be encouraged to hear the voice of candidates with new ideas and motivation to improve the condition of our country. That is why I would like to speak to you about what I am trying to do.

With a win in November, I look to show the American people that anti-corruption candidates are capable of becoming leaders in their communities. I want to empower the American people with a voice, in order to show the major political parties that the days of politics as usual are over. I want to inspire tomorrow’s leaders to begin preparing for the mantle of responsibility, and to motivate those who can make a difference today to rise to the occasion.

I am an African American, Marine Corps veteran who believes in ending our conflicts around the world and in changing our country to be effective in the future. I am 32, and as a millennial I am all too familiar with the challenges that are going to face my generation in the future. As a soon-to-be father, I am concerned about the world I will leave behind for my children, and I don’t plan on allowing the condition of our nation to remain the same without fighting for a change. Like President Obama, regardless of our opinions of him, I want to give hope to the youth. I want to show those that grew up in poverty like myself that our past doesn’t determine our future.

I hope that I have interested you in speaking or meeting with me to discuss the future of our country. I hope that I can elicit your endorsement and support on social media. Unlike other politicians, the money and the power are not motivations for me, and I truly seek to give my family and friends in Maryland the opportunity to have a voice for the people in a leadership position.

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future!

Stay Hungry!

Peace, Blessings, and Respect.

Charles T. Galloway III
MD 8th Congressional District Candidate

Twitter: @congress4ted

Instagram: @galloway4congress



“It is up to us to create a Nation that we are proud of”

Currently seeking volunteers, citizen donations, and press support.

Charles Theodore Galloway III — Teddy — Is a 32 year old congressional candidate in his home state of Maryland. Teddy is a Marine Corps Veteran from the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, and is currently a Strategic Planner support our National Military and Nation from adversaries who seek to use WMD weapons. Teddy has been a CBRN and WMD response instructor for the last 14 years, is educated from George Mason University in Global Affairs, and has an intense passion for motivational speaking, mentorship, and leading by example. Teddy is the oldest of a family of 7, raise by a single mother in Frederick, Maryland, and is an expecting father. He has a strong interest in conflict resolution, comparative religion, and solving problems by find the roots to them. Teddy is running for Congress in order to end political corruption, to be the voice of a budding generation, and to add morality and empathy to the national dialogue. He is running as a Green Party candidate because he believes in Grass Roots Democracy, Equality, Justice, and being a steward of the Environment. Some interesting things about him is that he is a Vegan of 3 years, he has recently published a motivational book, and he reads at least 40 books a year.