Conic Finance: Pre-Launch Announcement


  • Can deposit a single token (e.g. DAI or USDC) into a Conic Finance pool
  • Conic Finance deposits the token into a combination of approved Curve pools and stakes the Curve pool LP tokens on Convex
  • LPs receive Conic Finance LP tokens (e.g. cncDAI, cncUSDC)
  • LPs receive CRV, CVX and CNC tokens
  • Extra reward tokens (e.g. SPELL, LDO, FXS) are periodically sold off for a pool’s underlying token and auto-compounded
  • LPs can withdraw their funds at any time with no fees
  • Can lock their CNC tokens for vlCNC
  • vlCNC holders can take part in a biweekly liquidity vote, whereby the weights that determine how much liquidity of an asset a particular Curve pool receives are updated.
  • vlCNC holders can vote on whitelisting and blacklisting Curve pools that can be used to receive liquidity.
  • vlCNC holders vote on which assets get added to the platform.
  • If decided by vlCNC holders, platform fees could potentially be introduced and paid out to vlCNC holders.

What are Omnipools?

Why Conic Finance?

Community Raise

Conic Finance Airdrop

Liquidity Mining


  • vlCVX holders: 10%
  • Community raise: 30%
  • Liquidity providers: 44%
  • Treasury: 6% (5% 1 year linear vesting and 1% unvested at launch used to seed the AMM pool)
  • AMM Stakers: 10% (Distributed to stakers of the Curve factory pool CNC/ETH LP token)


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Omnipools for the Curve Finance Ecosystem

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