The key here is that the token owners and founders are well aligned and the founders are properly incentivized.
Discussing Cryptotoken Best Practices
Nick Tomaino

Why is this the way to incentivize them? Why not with equity in their company? After all, the coin issuance is meant for distribution the token that presumably will bring value once the project is developed. I realize that today, token/coin issuances are being used as a funding alternative for the on-going operations of the company until their system starts delivering on the promised value proposition. But the coin/token issuance should be viewed as being very separate from the equity distribution that employees should have access to. This incentives to employees, especially for those who do not have restraints on letting employees gain liquidity, are very misaligned with those of investors or even prospective users of the new protocol or solution. Equity should provide adequate value in the enterprise, so that employees do well from having built something of value. Too much of the reward in these ICOs ends being prematurely distributed since the project outcome is completely unknowable at that point.

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