Beat The Heat — Summer Internships

This Summer it’s all about #GoodVibesOnly.

Bombay’s getting hot, and this is the only the beginning! Summer may be tentatively creeping up on us, but it won’t be long before we’re smack-bang caught in its humid and hot grasp. Vacation days in this heat? There are only so many ways and days to spend being lazy. Instead try beating the heat by doing a volunteering internship! Here are 7 sizzling reasons why doing a ConnectFor Summer Internship this summer is the best way for you to spend your time!

  • Meet Cool New People: Are all your friends traveling/working/sick from heat stroke? A volunternship is the perfect way for you to meet amazing and inspiring new people who care about the same causes as you!
  • Get Your Service Requirements Done With: Whether you’re doing it for CAS or SIP, or any other mandatory community service requirement, by spending your summer doing an social internship not only will you get done with the requirement in one shot, but you’ll be able to work and develop your own project. Bonus: this will free up a lot of your time in the school year!
  • Learn Some New Skills: Always wanted to be a Vet or a Teacher or a Photographer? Now’s the time to try it out and see if it’s for you. With internships options ranging from animal care, to theatric production, choose anything your heart fancies and spend your summer really doing something different. Bonus: Your resume will get a serious upgrade!
  • Discover the City: Explore different parts of Bombay city as you work in a new geography, and find new gems, new restaurants and places to stay out of the heat. If you’ve always been looking for that excuse to spend some time in Powai, or South Bombay, this is it!
  • Gain Some Perspective: Now is the time to discover yourself. Who are you? What do you care about? With time, our worldview gets consistently narrower, but volunteering is a great window into a wider world, beyond your everyday boundaries. You may discover an opportunity you really connect with, but you will definitely discover new things about yourself.
  • Great Conversation: Tired of small talk, and the same conversation you seem to be having everyday? Volunteering and talking about what you do through it is a great way to open a conversation, and will definitely leave you feel really appreciated after it. Take a break from the regular, and give it try. Who knows, you may find a volunteer buddy through it!
  • It’s A Great Way To Pay It Forward: If you’re constantly aware of how blessed you are, and you’ve always wanted to pay it forward, or do something to make a difference to someone’s life, this is the best and most effective way to do it. You know your time will be well spent, and all your effort will go towards a great cause!

To sign up for a summer internship, click here and choose one of the ConnectFor internships!