Volunteering with Manpasand Life: La-La Land At Your Doorstep

We always want to live in La-La Land; always want to do what we dreamt of doing; always want to be in that perfect place where we belong, a place which most of us are unable to achieve. We all want that Manpasand life. Don’t we? What if we can’t have it; we can make it happen for someone else. There is always more satisfaction involved in spreading smiles.

Manpasand Life: ek nayi udaan, is an organization which provides the underprivileged with the life of their dreams - their La-La Land.

About Manpasand Life and it’s functionalities

The organization created a platform of opportunities through which the less privileged can pursue and live a better life. The organization was founded by Mr. Pravin Ghatalia, with the belief that the easiest way to grow is by “living your passion”.

Anyone who is interested in studying the following: English, cooking, beauty, tailoring, sewing, music, photography, dance, mehndi etc. can qualify as a Manpasand life student. The student would then be guided by a counselor, who would help him analyze his interests in varied subjects. Later, this student would come in contact with a teacher from Manpasand Life, who would help him gain expertise in the chosen fields.

Volunteering at Manpasand Life

Volunteering at Manpasand Life was an extremely flexible experience. They have volunteers for the following:

  • Workshops which are one day events
  • Regular internships for fields like tailoring, computers, and beauty
  • Mentoring students

Long talk short, the organization is very flexible to a volunteer’s preferences and the availability of positions at the organization; they share two volunteering opportunities, allocate the opportunity that best matches your preferences/skills, and give you a chance to excel.

Be a part of this utopic world. You can help, by being a part of someone’s manpasand life, and you never know what might come your way.

This blog was written by one of our volunteer content writers, Ayushi Jain. She is a passionate researcher and writer, and this week, her blog outlines the activities & functionalities at Manpasand Life.

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