SEO Template Doc For Freelancers

SEO Proposal For New Clients

Techniques Used For Optimum SEO

Perform a technical SEO audit and fix errors that may be hindering optimal SEO.
Implement a custom SEO strategy.

Perform site speed test and resolve errors slowing your site down and hurting customer experience and SEO. I will also perform a mobile compatibility test.

Create a “keyword seed” list to research and create long-tail and LSI keywords (semantically related).

Keyword and competitor research with professional tools. I will be able to determine which keywords are driving traffic to your rivals. …


Connecticut SEO Experts provides SEO, Certified Google Ads Consulting, and WordPress services to a variety of clients.

I am Google Certified in Google Ads Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Shopping, Google My Business, and Google Analytics.

I have 14 years of digital marketing experience and have excellent technical, analytical, and marketing skills. I am familiar with professional tools SEMrush, SERankings, Analytics, Search Console, SpyFu, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, and others. Excellent SEO skills.

SEO Specialist developing strategic SEO campaigns, conducting SEO audits, in-depth keyword and competitor research, utilizing Google Analytics & Google Search Console, and implementing Local SEO.

14 years of…

SEO To Rank Higher In Google In 2019



There are many Google SEO guides. This is a refresher on Google-friendly white-hat SEO.

If you want a career in SEO read everything about Google’s algorithm, patents, and updates on algorithm changes. I like Search Engine Journal and many blogs.

The more you know better the odds you’ll be successful on Google.

SEO Best Practices

  • META Title tag on your home page is a very important ranking factor for Google also it needs to entice the user to click on your link. The more clicks they higher your click through rate, the more Google notices…

SEO Proposal

Sample Google search engine optimization proposal

Identify quick SEO wins. Review the history of previous SEO efforts and future SEO goals. Find and target which regional areas you wish to show up in Google for and rank high for including inclusion in the Top 3 (soon to be Top 2 + 1 ad?) Local Search Snack Pack.

Work with existing keyword targets and discover less competitive long-tail keyword opportunities with SEO/Keyword tools. Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to data mine keywords and traffic.

On-Site and Off-Site SEO. Review the effectiveness of on-site content, including or adding new products pages, blog/articles, content marketing assets, landing…

Why I Love WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress for over ten years and have created hundreds of ugly but still usable and SEO-friendly blogs and a number of elegant, thematic blogs just as SEO-friendly as the others since WordPress was launched officially in 2005.

WordPress, because it is super easy to use if you use it on WordPress’ self-hosted site or on your own domain. WordPress is easy to install, free to use on your own domain and there are thousands of WordPress expert volunteers eager to answer questions you have about any part of WordPress.

WordPress has thousands of functions capable of creating almost any content imaginable. WordPress also has thousands of themes both paid (some $100+) and free. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is used to create of 1,000,000 articles every day. …

Another brilliant piece of SEO content from the folks at HubSpot. (Recently voted 4th best place to work by Glassdoor.)

This white-paper debunks SEO Myths that have been floating around (some for a decade). I really could not put it down. Five stars.

Some of the Myths:

  • More Links are not better than more high-quality content.
  • HTTPS is becoming slightly more important.
  • Meta Descriptions do not have a huge importance in ranking, click-through rate does.
  • Keywords need not be an exact match, synonyms and LSI work.
  • <H1> is not the end-all-be-all most important on-site SEO factor.
  • Google will find those…

Connecticut SEO

Eight Google Certifications. Obsessed, in love & addicted to cheap #technology — #Android, #FireTV & #WordPress. Certified in #GoogleAds, #Analytics & #SEO.

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