A Conversation on Corporate Burnout

The workplace has been through so many changes over the past few decades. Technology has enabled us to connect better, automate tasks and produce and access more knowledge than ever before.

How are we coping with all the changes? Is busyness, business as usual? Are we just working more hours? What are leaders or companies doing to adapt their workplaces to the pace of change?

Corporate Burnout was the topic of our second Connectle Con, where five of us came together to have an open and honest discussion on what burnout meant to us and what we thought we could do to create happier and healthier workplaces.

With members from across the world (Germany, Canada, America and New Zealand) and across different backgrounds (Sales, IT, Communications and Entrepreneurship), we found we all wanted similar things:

  • To work on meaningful, purposeful work.
  • To be treated like a human — not a cog in the machine.
  • To understand better how to integrate and prioritise life and work.
  • To be better leaders and colleagues — aware and caring of those around us.

I think Eve summed it up nicely when she recommended the following:

“If it feels good, do more of it. If it feels bad do less of it.”

And we will be following that advice here at Connectle. Connectle Con’s are a great way to extend the conversations our practitioners want to be having. Connecting people from diverse backgrounds, creating common threads and allowing us to explore and learn. It really felt good.

You can catch a glimpse of our conversation here:

The full replay is available within our network.

Our next Connectle Con, on Working Out Loud in large Organisations is on June 7th. As it is Working Out Loud week, we are opening this up to everyone. Register here if you would like to listen in.