Ask Us Anything about Self-Organising

What was most interesting about the Connectle Con last week on Self-Organising Teams, was that it showed that self-organising is not something reserved for the SME’s or start-ups of the world. In fact, we learned that many large corporates and even governments were now implementing Self-Organising and doing it successfully.

And this circle of people should know:

  • Brian Robertson is the founder of Holacracy — a well-known method of decentralized management and organizational governance.
  • Aaron Dignan is the founder of The Ready — regularly working with the largest companies in the world to change and transform the way they work.
  • Sujei Gonzalez is Organizational Development at The Morning Star Company — the world’s largest processor of tomatoes that has been bossless since it was founded in 1970.
  • Sian Simpson is Director of Community and Content at Kiwi Landing Pad — working with selected high growth New Zealand companies to establish and grow their business in the USA.
  • Susan Basterfield is from Enspiral — a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals working together to create a thriving society.

If you weren’t part of the Connectle Con, you should take the time to view this dynamic conversation. This was certainly our most popular conversation and the intersection of diverse perspectives was inspiring. It really is hard to believe no one had thought to bring this circle of people together before. The conversation could have gone on for hours, but we ran out of time.

With many questions left unanswered, we begged Sujei and Susan to come back and join us, for what will be Connectle’s first virtual Ask Us Anything. We wanted more time for in-depth and practical insights on self-organising and who better to ask, than two people from the most cited companies for self-management.

If you have been thinking about implementing self-organising, or you work in an organisation that is already trying this right now — you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to colearn and Ask Us Anything.

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