What do you tell a room full of HR professionals in Sri Lanka about the Future of Work?

It seems everyone is talking about the future of work — whether it is about how the robots are taking all our jobs and how we will all be out of work soon — or it’s preaching how organisations must change their structures and become more flat and human centric. But what can we as workers do about it? Surely we just sit back and see how it all plays out?

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Tomorrow I will be speaking to a room full of HR professionals on the Future of Work and Working Out Loud and I will be telling them that they should not sit back and wait, but that the future of work of ours to create.

As the routine based, best practice, rules based work is transitioned to the bots and various digital transformation initiatives — we are left with a huge opportunity. The ability to define what the rest of the work means for us, the people, in the future.

Already we are seeing employees entering the workforce and demanding more than the mission statement and an employee handbook. They are demanding work that has a purpose, that is fulfilling and engaging. And from where I am sitting, I think the audience I am speaking to tomorrow are in the best seat to seize this opportunity.

The future of work is human

With work becoming more about agility, responsiveness, creativity, innovation and complex critical thinking — the department that looks after onboarding, talent development, learning and development and often culture and diversity, is in a great position to define and integrate connected work inside their companies. To date, many of the change makers have been coming from other departments; IT, Communications, C-suite — but I can’t help but feel that the department that has “human” in it’s title should have some sway too.

I look forward to speaking to a room full of opportunity tomorrow and asking them to join us in creating the future of work together.

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