Should Fans Still Be Allowed to Vote for the MLB All-Star Teams?

Why should the fans be voting like it is a popularity contest when the game has so much significance?

When I wrote about this a month ago, the Royals led in 5 of the 9 voteable positions for the American League All-Star Team. At the time, I mentioned how ridiculous and absurd it was that some players like Omar Infante and Lorenzo Cain led the voting, when clearly other players were much more deserving. I thought, since it was still early on in the voting process, maybe the numbers were a little off and would correct themselves over time. Sadly, I was mistaken. Now, with voting coming to an end, not only did the number of Royals decrease, the number has actually increased.

That’s right, the Royals at one point led in 7 of the 9 positions in the starting lineup. Sure the Royals are good and will probably contend for a second straight year in the playoffs, but they are not that good. No team is that good. Players like Jose Altuve and Miguel Cabrera were getting snubbed at their positions. After Monday’s update to the voting, only Cabrera and Trout have slight leads over literally the rest of the Royals team. It would not shock me if this stays close until the end, and even seeing Royals players take back some of the positions that they have lost. Heck, they could even start becoming write in’s in the National League, who the hell knows at this point.

With the All-Star Game looking like “Royal Mania,” now is a perfect time to talk about the voting process for the game. Currently, fans vote for each team’s position players. Each fan is allowed to vote 35 times. Why 35? I have no idea, the MLB has never said. I guess they want people to vote a lot and support their teams, but this seems a little bit like overkill am I right? So with these rules, the Royals organization have really pushed their fan base to get behind the idea of voting continuously, and oh boy has it worked. Fans have been quoted saying they are making new email addresses so they can vote 35 more times. Clearly there is nothing else to do in Kansas City. Now that ASG Voting is exclusively online as of this year, the numbers are even more skewed then ever.

I have always been against the fan vote for the All-Star Game ever since the MLB made the game significant. For those who aren’t aware, the league that wins the game is granted home field advantage for the World Series. So yes, the ASG, which is clearly a popularity contest, dictates the MLB’s biggest series. I feel like you have a couple options if you are the MLB. You can either:

A) Continue with the popularity contest. Engage the fans. Don’t get me wrong, there is an advantage to having this sort of the format. Fans love feeling like they have a voice. But if you are going to continue this format, the ASG cannot impact home field advantage in the World Series. I understand the goal of making the ASG significant. ideally, it brings the best out the players, giving them something to play for. But no other major sports organization does this for a reason.

B) Take the power from the people. Or at the very least limit their power. Let the players, managers, or even the writers decide who the best players are for each position so that those players can compete for home field advantage. This will ultimately benefit the fans, giving them a highly competitive game of the most talented players in the league, competing for the ultimate advantage of home field in the World Series.

With the overwhelming amount of undeserving Kanas City Royals players leading their positions in votes for the All-Star Game, there is no better time to address everything that is wrong with the MLB’s annual event.

Now, I’ve said what I want to say. What do you think?

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