BoozCruise: Campaign Finance Reform

This is one that should be obvious.

It doesn’t matter what town you live in or what side of the political aisle you are on:

We need to get big money out of Washington.

But it seems in all of Boozman’s trips abroad, he’s forgotten who he represents, which isn’t surprising given the amount of travel he’s done in the last 15 years. Senator Boozman cruises all over the world and votes against Arkansas every step of the way.

During Sen. Boozman’s 15 years in Washington, he’s traveled to 53 countries a total of 129 times — and YOU paid for it.

In his years in Washington, Sen. Boozman has traveled to many exotic places, including visiting Greece twice!

While Sen. Boozman was traveling around the world and visiting places like Greece, Arkansans and Americans were right here at home struggling to get by, needing a leader in the Senate to advocate on their behalf.

One such issue that Arkansans want action taken on is campaign finance reform. And this is a problem that is not really all that complicated.

Yet, Senator Boozman has consistently voted against campaign finance reform in his 15 years in Washington.

Sen. Boozman’s record on the matter speaks for itself. His bad record includes:

  • Voting Against Disclose Act
  • Voting to Keep Secret Money in Politics
  • Accepting Over $3 Million from PACs
  • Voting to Allow Secret SuperPACs to Influence Elections

Money is the root cause of why our political system is broken and why Americans are so frustrated. We must bring more transparency to the political process and return power to the American people; there is too much money in politics today.

It’s like a woman in Paragould told me: we know when Washington politicians get big money from outside groups, that is with the expectation that the politicians are going to do something for them in return. As our next Senator, I will work tirelessly to restore openness and integrity to our government. This means taking action, which will include:

  • Enacting comprehensive campaign finance reform.
  • Prioritizing transparency, integrity and accountability.
  • Passing a constitutional amendment overturning the disastrous Supreme Court decision Citizens United.
  • Passing the DISCLOSE Act to ensure trasparency

As a candidate, I’ve already been endorsed by End Citizens United, a group committed to ridding the campaign finance system of big money corrupting our government.

I am committed to this cause because Arkansans deserve better than a Senator who supports institutionalized corruption. As a Senator, I will prioritize overturning the current system and restoring openness and integrity to our government to return power to the people.

I’m running to be a strong, new voice for Arkansas in the U.S. Senate. I will travel to all 75 counties in Arkansas and work hard on the issues affecting folks — like ridding Washington of big money — instead of visiting the places like Greece on the taxpayer dime.

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