BoozCruise: Women

Today I was in Little Rock watching the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. With members of Team Conner, pink beads, and the red truck, I cheered on runners all morning long! It was a great time in support of a tremendous cause.

We heard Sen. Boozman took a break from the cruise ship to be in Little Rock at the race today.

It would have been a wonderful opportunity to debate the issues in the truck since there are so many we didn’t get to in the one debate he showed up for a few weeks back — one of the issues we must discuss is standing up for women.

It’s no wonder he didn’t want to hop up on the debate truck today; he knows his record standing up for women is atrocious, and he doesn’t want the Arkansas people to know. Well, Senator, Arkansans deserve to know your record and they deserve a Senator who won’t run and hide from the issues that affect them most.

Senator Boozman cruises all over the world and votes against Arkansas every step of the way.

During Sen. Boozman’s 15 years in Washington, he’s traveled to 53 countries a total of 129 times — and YOU paid for it.

In his years in Washington, Sen. Boozman has traveled to the United Kingdom — 7 times!

While Sen. Boozman was traveling around the world and visiting places like the United Kingdom, Arkansans and Americans were right here at home struggling to get by, needing a leader in the Senate to advocate on their behalf.

One issue Sen. Boozman has been especially absent on is standing up for women.

Senator Boozman has consistently voted against women in his 15 years in Washington.

I’ve already talked about the significance of the Violence Against Women Act, which Sen. Boozman voted against (you can read more about that here). His vote against this legislation is appalling — VAWA plays an important role in ensuring an aggressive response to domestic violence, boosting victims services, and enhancing efforts to prevent and prosecute these horrible crimes.

As if that vote wasn't bad enough, Sen. Boozman also voted against legislation to ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work; he does not support paid family leave; and he sits idly by while the candidate he supports for President of the United States treats women in an unconscionable way.

I’m running to be a strong, new voice for Arkansas in the U.S. Senate. I will travel to all 75 counties in Arkansas and work hard on the issues affecting folks — like standing up for women — instead of visiting the United Kingdom 7 times.

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