Adding a Membership Model to Your Business

Membership Model

Do You Use the Membership Model?

More than likely you are already a member of a number of membership sites. Whether they are exclusively virtual ones like Amazon Prime or Netflix, or in person with an online component such as your local gym, Costco or Sam’s Club, one of our local newspapers or magazines, or Barnes & Noble, the membership model is here to stay and for some very good reasons…

Membership sites are a lucrative business model. Adding a membership component to your current business will increase your revenue. Customers who are a part of your membership site will spend more overall with you and your company and will be exponentially more loyal than other customers.

Let’s brainstorm some ideas for how you may add this model to your existing business. I would encourage you to do this face to face with other partners, employees, and team members to see what you can come up with quickly. What I am sharing here is meant to be a starting point for this ongoing discussion as to how memberships will best serve you, your company, and your customers and clients.

If you are a florist, think about adding something like flowers of the month, where someone can log in to your membership site and choose the arrangement they would like to pick up or have delivered. This would be exclusive to your members, with a discounted price and more choices available. Every month of the year has an occasion that is worthy of flowers and other similar arrangements.

If you are a veterinarian, create a membership where people can post pictures of their pets, interact with other pet owners, and ask questions. You could also include a message board for information on lost pets, pets needing a new forever home, and pet sitting services. Include a FAQ (frequently asked questions) feature, as well as having you or another vet in your office come in to the member’s area to answer questions. Make sure to be clear that this site is not intended for medical emergencies.

If you are a plumber, include videos in your member’s area to help people determine what type of issue they may be experiencing. Provide information about the latest innovations in plumbing and the history of materials and services for residential and commercial properties in your geographic location. Allow members to call in to a special phone number to ask an expert in your office about their specific situation.

Decide if your membership will be physical, virtual, or some combination of the two. Consider a membership where the entire cost of an annual membership can be applied toward products and/or services you offer. An example would be a ninety-nine dollars a year membership for a plumber where all of that could be applied towards maintenance or services exceeding a hundred dollars during any annual period. Florists could apply the annual fee towards a graduation, wedding, or other special event. This will increase customer loyalty tenfold or more.

Host an annual member’s event where members and their families can join you for a picnic, softball game, or other community event. Offer the opportunity to purchase t-shirts in advance so everyone will recognize a fellow member.

Connect with other local businesses to coordinate events, online and offline, and to disperse the responsibilities and work load. This is an excellent opportunity for networking and community involvement and the membership model makes it all possible.

The membership model has its advantages. Determine what that will look like in your business and then get to work implementing the strategies that feel right and pay off over time. Becoming an innovator and trendsetter with this business model will set you apart from ninety-nine percent of your competition. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please leave a comment below.

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